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July 01, 2017

Keeping lists and getting organized is the key to a successful party. If other people are helping with the party planning, make sure to communicate everything that is being done.

Decorations for the Baby Shower

Take several diapers and roll them up. Tape them and arrange them in a large circle on a round piece of cardboard. Arrange them so the diapers are standing up on end. Make a complete circle. Do not leave it hollow in the middle or the piece will fall over. Next, tie the diapers together with a pink, blue or yellow ribbon. Next, put a smaller piece of cardboard on the top for the top layer of cake. Follow the same steps as the first layer. For the finishing touches put flowers on the top. It will look like a baby shower cake. More than two layers can be done as long as the layers are tight and sturdy.

Games and Entertainment

One game that can be played is guessing the baby’s weight in ounces. Pass the baby around and have everyone hold the baby to guess. Make sure the host of the party actually weighs the baby before the party. This will also work with how long the baby is.


Another idea is to have sheets of paper made up with the baby’s full name. Have the party goers write down as many words as possible out of the name. The person with the highest number of words wins.

This is a cute idea as well. Have the party goers write down on a piece of paper what the baby will be when the baby grows up. Put the answers in a cute lockbox and give it to the mother. When the child has grown up the two of them can reminisce about the shower and read the answers to see if it came true. Make sure that everyone has put his or her name on the papers. This will be like a time capsule for the child.

A nice gift for all the people that attended the shower is a picture of the baby in a small frame. Another nice thought would be to take a picture of the baby with everyone. Instead of sending thank you cards just sign the back of the pictures and mail them as if the pictures were the thank you cards.