Forest Railway Set

Build a railway through a forest wonderland complete with trees, tunnels, a bridge, and wildlife! Children will plan and be flexible in their creations as they solve what pieces will fit and work best together. Made of wood . Includes: 2 x S rails, 12 x big curve rails, 3 x 20cm straight rails, 2 x 15cm straight rails, 1 x 5cm straight rail, 1 x 10cm allotropes rail/M, 1 x 10cm allotropes rail MF/F, 1 x green bridge tunnel, 12 x trees, 4 x trees block A, 4 x trees block B, 2 x trees block C, 1 x colourful curved tunnel 1, 1 x colourful curved tunnel 2, 1 x jungle train (3 pieces), 4 x pylons. Features Compatible with all major wooden railway systems.