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Backpack Large - Dolce Vita | Cute Birds

Classic, comfortable and in a fashionable design, that is our multi-functional and capacious Dolce Vita backpack!

It is perfect for people who value convenience, who are always on the move and want to have "the whole world" with them. It works perfectly on a walk with the children or in the travel. It is an excellent backpack, for training, swimming, and even to school.

The quality of workmanship and unique designs make the backpack extremely stylish and its colourful interior will fit everything you need with you.

It has many functional pockets inside and outside which allows organising the content of the backpack. Thanks to this system of many pockets everything would be in its place – that makes our backpack a perfect solution for mothers!

Inside of the backpack is viable to accommodate A4 format and even more! It is equipped with:

• three pockets with an elastic band

• two pockets closed with a zipper


Outside of the backpack is equipped with:

• Three pockets with a zipper on the front: two smaller ones and one large with a compartment inside for the most essential things that you always want to have at hand

• Two pockets on the sides of the backpack: one specially designed for wet tissues, which will facilitate easy reaching for them without opening the backpack. The second line with a thermal foil that protects the contents of the pockets from temperature loss

• A very practical zipper at the back of the backpack allows you to reach the inside of the backpack

• Backpack's handles have a fastening with a pressing stud - it allows attaching It to the handrail of the trolley

• The hooks can also be equipped with hangers, thanks to which the suspension next to the wheelchair will be even easier

• Stiffened backpack closure and two-way zip allows for the wide and convenient opening of the main pocket

Dolce Vita - because living with our backpack is making it simpler, and more comfortable.



Height: 40 cm

Width: 26 cm, and at its widest point 35

Depth: 18 cm

Weight: 710 g

Load capacity: 8 kg