La Millou

Dana's Hen Cupcakes Chocolate

GRANDMA DANA’S HEN is our great pillow for sleeping and feeding

Like a fairy tale, our hen has its own story. The hen was designed by Grandma Dana for her baby boy as a Christmas gift. All the other grandchildren and family members loved the hen so much, that it became THE Christmas gift. Grandma Dana allowed us to use the design and so the hen has found its way to La Millou. Just a little real life story made this hen extra special.

It can be used not only for sleeping and feeding time, also a comfort toy for a road trip or in bed.

Parents can use it too as a laptop support.

A Multi-functional soft toy that you can take it anywhere you need!

The hen is filled with attested, anti-allergic silicone fluff.

Packed in an ecological cloth bag, it will make a perfect gift.

Product is hand-sewn with great accuracy, using highest quality material.

Colour: Cotton - Cupcakes; Minky - Chocolate

Certificates: OKO-TEX STANDARD 100, CE

Dimension: 50cm x 60cm