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Baby Nest Velvet - Dundee Friends Blue - Dark Grey

The BEST NEST cocoon is a product created so that the child always has its own separate, friendly place to play, sleep and rest under the watchful eye of the parent,

In such a safe place, lying on a mattress of adequate softness and air permeability, the baby can spend time with the parent accompanying him during various activities such as work, rest on the couch, bath and even during outdoor activities.

Why is it worth having a Best Nest cocoon?

• Our cocoon creates a place that gives the baby a feeling of security. Everywhere a child goes, he can be in his own, securely separated space.

• The shape and soft margins of the cocoon help calm the child and prevent awakening in the event of moro reflexes.

• Soft edges act like a protector, so when placed in a crib or near a hard headboard or surface, the cocoon protects the child from the injury of the delicate head or in the legs and hands during movements.

• The height and softness of the cocoon's edges is suitable as a cushion - support if the child can not lie flat at the moment.

• The bottom of the cocoon is filled with a mattress of anti-allergic polyurethane foam, which contains channels, thanks to which it ensures very good air circulation. The proper softness of the mattress facilitates the physiological position of the back. The mattress can be removed before washing, making it easier to keep the product clean.

• The construction at the bottom is pulled with a string, which allows easy size adjustment. In the case of older children, the product can be solved, which creates a friendly play zone that does not restrict the movements of the legs. The drawstring is additionally secured with a material (pleat), thanks to which it is completely safe for the child (the legs do not get tangled in the string) and the pleat completes the elegant design of the product

• Handles sewn on the sides of the cocoon and an elegant bag allow easy carrying and storage of the empty product

• The inside of the cocoon is made of cotton with a colored Lamillou print - the Oeko - Tex Standard 100 certificate.

• Punched mattress is made of polyurethane foam certified with Oeko - Tex Standard 100.

• The soft filling of the sides is a silicone ball - antiallergic, certified Oeko - Tex Standard 100.


• The outer part of the cocoon is made of elegant, soft and breathable velvet

• The product obtained a positive opinion of the Mother and Child Institute in opinion of specialist tests: Op-5073-76 / 2018

• Keep in mind that even in the most secure conditions, the care of a parent is essential. But with our cocoon, parents and children can feel safer and more comfortable spending time together.


NOTE: The BABY NEST cannot be used as a baby carrier, it is not allowed to carry a child in it.