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Cando Plus Can Opener

Can opener with integrated ring-pull hook.

Can-Do Plus is a clever, compact opener that makes opening most types of can quick and easy. It has a large, easy-twist mechanism that locks itself on to the lid as you start to twist and an easy-release button for disposing of the lid after removal. It features a single, smooth handle for extra support and has an integrated hook at the end for prising up the metal rings on ring-pulls cans.

Suitable for left or right-handed operation. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Suitable for left or right-handed operation.

Features and benefits

  • Quick and easy to use – simply place on top of can and twist top to start cutting
  • Automatically grips can edge as you twist
  • Easy-twist mechanism with lid-release button
  • Long handle for extra grip
  • Integrated hook for lifting ring-pulls