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Cut & Carve - Bamboo

Multi-function chopping board

Design registered

This heavy-duty chopping board is made from tough, natural bamboo and features an integrated food grip for holding meat, vegetable and bread whilst cutting. It has an angled cutting surface - to help catch meat juices and breadcrumbs - and easy-pour corners. Handle recesses on the sides make carrying easy and non-slip feet on the base help keep it in place whilst cutting. Its beautiful natural finish is complimented with an etched stainless-steel badge set into its front edge.


  • Tough bamboo cutting surface
  • Central food grip for holding meat, vegetables or bread whilst cutting
  • Angled cutting surface catches meat juices and bread crumbs
  • Easy-pour corners
  • Handles for transferring from kitchen to table
  • Non-slip feet for secure carving

Care & Use: Wash by hand and wipe dry (do not soak). To maintain best condition, oil regularly with a food-safe oil.

Board: Bamboo

Feet: Silicone

Insert: Stainless steel

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Minimum temperature: 0°C