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DrawerStore - Cutlery/Utensil Organ-Grey

Cutlery, utensil and gadget organiser


Organise messy utensil drawers with this practical storage solution. This unique tray combines five overlapping compartments for storing cutlery with three deep-sided compartments for holding utensils and gadgets. What’s usually stored in two drawers can now be neatly organised into one, creating more space in your kitchen.

  • Stacked compartments for different cutlery
  • Large utensil compartment
  • Twin gadget compartments
  • Dimensions: 40 x 38.5 x 5 cm
  • Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 8 cm

Care & Use: Wash and dry by hand.

Made from Polypropylene

Maximum temperature: 70°C

Minimum temperature: 0°C