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La Millou

Light Blanket Large Organic Jersey Collection - Dream Lunapark - Powder Pink


An insanely soft blanket made of organic jersey. The cotton from which it was sewn has no elastane admixtures, which makes it extremely elastic. One side of the blanket is smooth, while on the other side you will find one of the iconic La Millou designs. It is finished with a charming cotton trim.

The blanket is multifunctional - it works great as a swaddle or a blanket on the go, and due to its breathability it will be an ideal cover in the summer in a bed or a pram.

The product is hand-sewn with utmost precision, using best quality materials. It is packaged and shipped inside a branded linen bag and decorated with a cute heart tag. It will be a stylish, original gift for a baby shower, birthday, or any other pleasant occasion.

The product should be used under the supervision of an adult.

Size:  110cm x 140cm