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Luxpet360 Degree Small Cat Toothbrush

Product Info

  • 1) Bristle fineness: 0.05mm; Brush head diameter: 11.8 -10.9mm Reverse trapezoidal brush head.
    2) Special toothbrush for small cat.
    3) Reverse trapezoidal Brush for the cat's oral structure
    4) Optimized spacer with washer rings for hygiene
    5) Short yet soft bristles to remove plaque and tartar
    6) High elastic ultra fine DuPont Tynex® with round-cut ends

Key Features of LUXPET Toothbrush for Pet 

  • Patented Round Brush Head that cleans from any angle.
  • Comfort Design Handle is easy to grip and easy to clean.
  • Safety End-Rounded bristles Brush Head that won't poke gums or sensitive tissues.
  • Removes About 2x More dental plaque than flat head toothbrushes.
  • Over 15,000 Soft Bristles brush away dental plaque.
  • Veterinarians Agree the best preventive dental care is daily toothbrushing.