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M Cuisine - Rice Cooker

M-Cuisine™ will make you think again about the way you use your microwave, enabling you to prepare, cook and serve delicious home-cooked food with ease, from a simple poached egg right up to a complete family meal.

Measure, wash, cook and serve perfect fluffy rice straight from the microwave with the M-Cuisine™ Microwave Rice and Grain Cooker. It comprises a large 2-litre cooking pot and lid, colander, measuring cup and multi-purpose rice paddle that doubles up as both a lock and a carry handle. This space-saving cooker provides all the tools you need for the job without a kettle or a pan in sight.

Dishwasher safe. Suitable for use in microwave ovens up to 900watts.

All the products in the M-Cuisine range are suitable for all power ratings in domestic microwaves. The power rating (wattage) specified on the packaging is for guidance only.  All microwaves vary, please adjust the cooking time to suit your appliance.