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As your body moves, your brain grooves. Balancing on the Kinderboard helps your children training their brain to focus and naturally build up body balance/awareness.

Kinderfeets Kinderboard is tested and certified to European and Australian standards. Supports up to 220 kgs.

Kinderfeets Kinderboards were voted Activity and Outdoor Toy of the Year in the annual Toy & Hobby Retailer Industry awards.

This brilliant curved design wooden board will unleash your children's imaginations and improve their body coordination and mental focus.

Dutch children have grown up with these fascinating boards for generations. Now it's Australia's turn to join the craze.

This multi-use toy was originally developed for use in Waldorf early childhood classrooms. It was created to help children develop a sense of balance, stimulate their vestibular system, and gain a deeper awareness of their body and body parts. You can rock it. Balance on it. Push it. Spin it. Flip it and slide. Sit on it or use it as a footstool. These sturdy beech plywood boards keep energetic children engaged in creative play for hours.

Kinderboards are Dutch designed and recreate the same experience as the original concept. They're excellent for stimulating child development — both physical and mental — and offers open-ended play opportunities for toddlers, children, teens, and even adults. You can use a Kinderboard both indoors and out, perfect for rainy and sunny days at home or in a school environment.

Watch a child's imagination take over when their Kinderboard arrives. It becomes a seesaw, a balance board, a slide, a step stool, a boat, a resting place, a doll bed, a puppet stage, a tunnel and many more opportunities for them to explore. The possibilities are endless—and truly up to them!

Made from skillfully engineered FSC certified and sustainably sourced German beech wood (not birch wood). Tested and certified to European and Australian standards. Supports up to 220 kgs. Colour is natural. Finished with a translucent water-based lacquer.

Kinderfeets Kinderboard Specification
Components Specification
Brand Kinderfeets
Product Kinderboard
Dimensions 81cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 18cm (H)
Weight 4.4kg
Age Group Over 18 months

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