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MINE Stamp - Protect Kids Stamp


The new COLOP Protect Kids Stamp
The Covid-19 pandemic is keeping the world on tenterhooks. A situation, never experienced before, affects people and businesses alike. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the best weapons against the spreading of the virus are water and soap. Washing your hands regularly and properly is therefore a crucial protective measure.

Adult people know this fact, but how to teach this to kids?
To support parents COLOP introduces the new Protect Kids Stamp. Just make an imprint on the hand of your kid and tell them that the “monster virus” should be completely washed off until the end of the day. A creative way of motivating kids to wash their hands in a playful manner. Tests have shown that approximately 4 to 5 thorough hand washes are necessary.

Product details

The stamp itself is a Printer 20 with Microban. This antibacterial protection gives each stamp extra protection against harmful bacteria (Note: Microban does not prevent the spread of virus).
The COLOP 801 black ink in the stamp is also dermatologically tested.


one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modern stamp and marking solutions, has developed the new “Protect Kids Stamp” in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. With the new stamp, COLOP is offering parents a creative aid to help children follow the hygiene directives. An imprint on the palm of the hand, with dermatologically certified stamp ink, reminds children to wash their hands regularly.

Idea and application
In keeping with the motto “stamp, wash, protect,” an imprint of the “Protect Kids Stamp” is applied to the back and/or to the inside of the child’s hand soon after getting up in the morning. The “virus monster” imprint is intended to motivate children in a playful way to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. If everything has been done correctly, the imprint should no longer be visible in the evening, because after about five washes it is completely washed off.

Special situations require creative measures
“In the times of the COVID-19 crisis, it is particularly important to talk about correct prevention, adequate protective measures and hygiene. Washing hands regularly and correctly is particularly relevant because most infectious diseases are transmitted through the hands. To make this easy and effortless for kids, new creative ideas are required to help parents motivate and inspire the youngest among us in an appealing way. The product concept of the “Protect Kids Stamp” emerged within a few weeks and can provide important support,” says Jacques Ahn, Managing Director of COLOP Arts & Crafts.

World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation
The World Health Organization is clear: water and soap are the most effective weapons against the spread of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, washing hands regularly is one of the best protective measures.

Who is the stamp for?
The stamp is aimed at families, including children and anyone who needs to be reminded of washing their hands regularly by means of a simple and creative concept, in order to further reduce the risk of infection.

Of course, using the "Protect Kids Stamp" is not a substitute for all other recommended measures to protect yourself and your fellow human beings, but rather a practical and playful support.

Production and manufacturing
The "Protect Kids Stamp" is produced at the main plant in Wels, Austria or, depending on the model, at the second production site in the Czech Republic, which guarantees short, quick and safe delivery routes.

Colour and durability
Every "Protect Kids Stamp" is delivered with a dermatologically certified stamp ink. The ink used is harmless to the skin. Each stamp holds for up to approx. 3,000 imprints or, in the case of making five to six imprints daily, for around 500 days.

Antibacterial protection
The Microban® technology, which is incorporated into each stamp, gives the “Protect Kids Stamp” protection against harmful microbes and inhibits the growth of bacteria throughout the product life of the stamp.
Since Microban® is incorporated during the production process, the protection does not wash off or wear off. However, Microban® does not protect against viruses or inhibit the spread of viruses.

The “Protect Kids Stamp” is now available for order and delivery.