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Moonie's Walker - Colibri


Moonie’s collection has been completed by another unique product - sneakers, thanks to which a small man can boldly enter the new preschool year.

100% cotton upper with one of our unique designs, a very flexible, colorful non-slip footing which is resistant to abrasion and a convenient Velcro fastener which creates the possibility of such a wide opening that every preschooler can easily put on and take off his slippers! Moonie’s Walker are made especially for the health of your child's feet. The construction has no glued components. Everything is sewn, thanks to which the shoe is extremely cool and airy, what prevents sweating of the foot. In addition, the inside of the shoes and the insole are covered with silver ions "Silver Plus" with bactericidal effect. The insert has perforations to ensure air circulation and moisture absorption. It is removable and can be washed.

The design of the shoe with a wide tip and adjustable large Velcro straps guarantee the right foot spacing and optimal fit of the shoe to any width of the foot and the height of its support. A leather strap sewn on the back of the shoe makes it easier to put on the foot, the footing does not dye and does not dirty the floors. Thanks to the special TR - Matex mix, they are soft, but resistant to abrasion. They will smell like vanilla for the entire period of use!

Walker is the perfect solution for parents who are looking for an idea for healthy, comfortable and stylish slippers for their children. They are No. 1 on the lay list for kindergarten and school, but they are also great as children's favorite sneakers outside!

You can buy a Moonie’s Bag for every Moonie’s Walker’s design - matching slipper bag and walking backpack for your backpack. See which Walkers your child will love!

Moonie's measure will help you choose the size :

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INSERT cm 14,5 15,3 15,9 16,6 17,3 17,9 18,5 19,0 19,6 20,4